Town to spend $90,000 on road work materials this summer and fall

by Dan McClelland
A sum of $90,000 will be spent on road materials for 1.4 miles oftown roads in Tupper Lake this summer and fall, judging by an agreement approved at Thursday's town board meeting that governs the expenditure of town highway monies.
The permanent improvements currently underway and to follow this fall include $56,287 in repairs to Lake Simond Road a distance of 5,300 feet from the intersection of Route 3 easterly.  The work involves the application of a two-inch top coat od asphalt, compacted to a thickness of one and one half inches.
Another $25,884 will be spent on improvements to the last 1,600 feet of that town road whereNo. 4 crusher run gravel will be applied and then a three-inch binder course of asphalt, that will be rolled to 2.5 inches in thickness.  The town crew has been working there extensively this summer.
Also on the department's schedule this year is the application of a two-inch top coat of asphalt (compacted to 1.5 inches) on a 615 foot long section of Bushey Avenue at a materials cost of $7,829.