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Ground broken on band shell

Dan McClelland

BandShell 3.jpg
BandShell 5.jpg

Ground broken on band shell
Two well-known excavating companies- Lemieux Contracting and Kentile Excavating- are hard at it these days excavating the Lions band shell site in the bottom of Flander's Park in the village municipal park, below Martin Street.  Both companies have generously volunteered their equipment and their manpower to massage the shoreline site into shape for a pour of the foundation on or around May 1.  It's amazing the progress the two companies and their owners have made in the last couple of days.  Late March weather has been very cooperative.   Chip Lemieux and his crew began the excavating late last week and Kentile Excavating stepped in Monday morning.  The photo top left shows the excavation of the site and the fashioning of giant steps in the landscape above the bandshell done by the Lemieux firm last week.  The photo top right shows Kentile owners Adam Boudreau and Jay Merrihew and two staff members rolling out a fiber membrane in an excavated area they created Monday behind the bandshell.  The area which will be filled with crushed stone and topped in soil will be the site of a giant drainage garden that will collect surface water running down the park's surface and around the new entertainment center.  A smaller channel will funnel excess water from the drainage garden into the pond. The two photos below show some of the pieces of heavy equipment the firms have donated the use of to advance the community project. (McClelland photos)