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Lemieux firm keeps giving

Dan McClelland

BandShell 1.jpg

Lemieux firm keeps giving
The Skip Lemieux Contracting company, under the direction of Mark “Chip” Lemieux, continues to massage the Lions bandshell site into shape.  In the photo atop taken Thursday  Chip was leveling out the area in front of the new bandshell for the placement of granite patio stones which will be tackled by Mike Donah's Adirondack Fireplace crew in upcoming days and that will form a new dance floor. At the far left in that photo Adam Hurteau was doing some grading work with one of Lemieux's smaller machines.  Before the final pour of the bandshell platform and the final grading was done last week the village electric crew ran electric lines in conduit for the new electrical service going into the back of the structure and for various lighting and electrical devices planned there to light the grounds and terrace areas.  Below two electric department employees were not doing what linemen do generally but were mixing concrete to fill in one of the conduit-carrying piers that will carry some of the Bullard-style lights.  Mixing concrete the old fashioned way were Tyler Chiasson and Chad Montana. Last week too a worker from Moores' Flatworks returned to the poured foundation and sealed its top for a shiny finish.  (McClelland photos)