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Bones found on Wild Center property confirmed human

Dan McClelland

by Phyllis Larabie

Back on May 17, 2018 Kentile Excavating was hauling dirt away from the Wild Center property when some bones were unearthed. The property is adjacent to the St. Alphonsus Cemetery.

On May 29, 2018, more bones were discovered on the front lawn of a nearby private residence where fill from behind the Wild Center had been dropped.

These bones which were thought to have been that of a bear have since been determined to be human. They are still out for carbon-dating, according to State Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Fleishman.

The scientific process will determine if the bones are pre- or post- 1950.

Trooper Fleishman stated, “our hope is to determine if the bones are the result of an accidental excavation of an older burial site”. She also stated, “we are also pursuing DNA (testing), but that will probably only be useful in eliminating known missing persons, not positively identifying the remains.”

Lab experts would need DNA samples from family members to identify the bones, she noted.