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Video highlighting Wild Walk goes viral

Dan McClelland

An interesting little video has brought a lot of attention to The Wild Center over the past four days, via Thrillist, according to Stanzi McGlynn, The Wild Center’s Digital Content Fellow.
Thrillist is on-line media brand company covering food, drink and entertainment.
The video, highlighting Wild Walk, was published last Thursday afternoon and since then, has been viewed over 10 millions times. Thrillist has since pinned the post to the top of its Facebook page, which is giving it extra visibility and it’s been shared over 172,000 times.
The Wild Center has seen some significant increases in its website traffic because of this - even breaking its highest one-day number of website sessions three consecutive days in a row - as well as direct inquiries from users via its Facebook page and website. As the Wild Center has never been featured in a piece of social content that has gone this viral, officials there are looking forward to seeing what kind of positive impacts it will have on visitation at The Wild Center this summer, as well as throughout the region.